Web Servers

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What is a web server?  This term can often be used interchangeably to mean a hosting computer and the Web serving software on a computer.  In this case, we are talking about the software loaded on your hosting computer which allows it to deliver web pages in response to a request for a page from a web browser on the Internet.


The most popular web servers are IIS (Internet Information Server) which runs exclusively on windows and Apache web Server which have versions for many operating systems, but is most popular on Linux.  There are a number of other web servers in the market.  For example dbQwikWebServer ships with DWQueryBuilder.  Normally web server types do not impact your work in DWQueryBuilder.  What is more important is the Scripting language.


Recommended Web Servers are:


For Hosting:

IIS Server


For PC Testing

dbQwikWeb Server
IIS Server
Apache, only for advanced users.