Adding objects to the query

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There are two ways of adding database objects to the query.


First, you may use the Metadata tree that displays database objects in a tree-like form. You may double-click on an object or drag it onto the query building area.


To find the object you need, type the first letters of it's name or scroll down the tree. Objects within the tree may be grouped by Database, Schema or Type. See the Settings Dialog


To remove an object from the query, select it and press the Del key or just click the Close button in the object header.


Finally, you can right click anywhere in the query building area and select the Add Object item from the context popup menu. The Add New Object window will appear.


screens - add object window

Add New Object window


The Add New Object window allows you to add as many objects as you wish at one time. The objects are grouped by type within four tabs: Tables, Views,Procedures (Functions) and Synonyms. You can select multiple objects by holding the Ctrl key. Press the Add Object button to add these objects to the query. You may repeat this operation several times. After you finish adding objects, press the Close button to hide this window.


For those database servers that have schemas or allow selection of objects from different databases, you may filter objects by database or schema name by selecting the necessary schema or database from the combo box at the top of the window.