Working with unions

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Union sub-queries are managed within the Union Panel in the top-right corner of the Query Building Area. Initially there's only one union sub-query labeled with the "Q" button. All operations are accessible from the context menu.


Union sub-queries can be grouped with other sub-queries and joined with the UNION, UNION ALL, EXCEPT and INTERSECT operators.


To add a new union sub-query, select the New Union sub-query menu item.


To enclose the sub-query in brackets, select the Enclose in Brackets menu item.


To move the sub-query or bracket to the top of the query (the topmost sub-query is the left one), select the Move Left menu item.


To move the sub-query or bracket to the bottom of the query, select the Move Right menu item.


To remove the sub-query or bracket, select the Remove menu item.


To change the union joining operator, select the necessary operator in the list of supported operators in context popup menu.



Union Sub-Query operations:

Move Left
Move Right
New Union Sub-Query
Enclose In Brackets


screens - union popup menu

Union sub-query operations



Operations with brackets:

Move Left
Move Right
Remove Brackets


screens - union bracket popup menu

Operations with brackets



Select union joining operator

screens - union operator popup menu

Select uniting operator